Personal Fitness Trainer and Physique Training in Marylebone

Personal Fitness Trainer and Physique Training in Marylebone, London


“My mission is to help you connect. Connect your mind and body and recognise them as one entity. I want you to grow the desire to treat your body with love whether it be from what you eat, how you train or what you wear. My mission is to make you the most confident YOU that you can be.”

Don't take my word for it...

  • I had the pleasure of coaching Aimee on her journey to eventually become one of the top 3 fitness physique competitors in the world!

    She is bright, motivated, passionate, disciplined and always striving to improve. More importantly she installs these same qualities in the client’s and people she interacts with.

    Aimee is one of most exciting and promising fitness professionals within the industry.

    Werner Botes
    Aesthetics and conditioning coach
  • I’ve worked with a number of personal trainers in the past but never enjoyed any as much as Aimee. She’s knowledgeable in both nutrition and training, so is able to provide a great holistic approach.

    She keeps me motivated with encouragement and progress check-ins, and her own success in her fitness career is a great inspiration.

    Our sessions are always challenging but she still manages to keep it fun! I’ve loved working with Aimee and am impressed with how quickly I’ve seen results from her program.

    Caroline Runge
  • “Aimee, got me on track after all these years!!  Exercise, Diet, Sleep Regime AND she has made it fun too!  Thank you so much!!”

  • “Aimee is a fantastic personal trainer. Pushed you hard.  Knows how to get the best out of you. Has an excellent knowledge around nutrition. If you want results then Aimee will get them. As long as you are willing to train hard.”

    Jae C
  • Aimee is a fantastic coach and truly inspirational. She is an athlete who embodies her passion and helps you to achieve your goals. Always happy to provide advice, may it be on nutrition, exercises or general lifestyle, she does so with a big smile on her face and a great mood.

    Klaus Schmidt
  • Aimee is a body guru! She has genuine love, care and so much knowledge about her work – she has completely transformed the way I think about healthy lifestyle, working out, and generally just being more mindful.

    Natasha Gertler
  • Just a short note to say that i have just come out of a 6 week programme with Aimee Buchler. I am usually quite grounded and without wishing to go over the top about anyone, may i say my training sessions with Aimee has been quite empowering and given me a new lease of life – Her attention to detail and form when carrying out my exercises while intensive, has also been hugely rewarding – her utter belief and faith in the mind-muscle concept when performing my reps has been a revelation to me.

    I have been coached as sportsman for most of my life but such prepensity and drive I have not seen before – Ultimately it was not so much what Aimee said or did during my sessions that mattered but how she made me feel – thank you Aimee.

    Larry Jobsz

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