About me

Born in London, I grew up in the world of dance and gymnastics and graduated as a professional Ballet and Contemporary dancer at The Place Contemporary Dance School in 2015. I then went to Los Angeles shortly after, where I completed my NCSF personal training exam and worked alongside Equinox gym.

I began my career by training private clients in the US followed by an exciting travelling trip where I worked as a personal trainer for 9 months in Australia, Vietnam and New Zealand where I got to work alongside some amazing people who influenced me to pursue my personal training career.

I then returned to London in the summer of 2016 to begin my career here, where I soon completed my Strength and Conditioning course and alongside it began my training for my first ever Bikini bodybuilding show where I won first place… twice! For PCA and WBFF, and became a WBFF PRO.

I continue to nurture my love for fitness and nutrition through studying as I really do believe that you can never stop learning!

I am currently studying alongside Master Simon Lau, a Chinese master in healing, life guidance and herbal medicine where my growing knowledge on how the mind, body and environments we place ourselves in work as one, could not be more beneficial to my work. I truly believe that leading a healthy and truly happy and positive lifestyle is the most important way to live life in a society full of temptation.

I also devoted some time to learning languages, I am fluent in both French and Spanish.

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