Connecting To Your True Nature Self Through Correct Meditation

Connecting To Your True Nature Self Through Correct Meditation

From the moment we are born we begin to pick up and are taught certain habits and ways of being according to how our society functions and has developed.

These habits are something which are what we call social and cultural “conditioned” habits.

“Conditioned” habits meaning not naturally occurring in a flow from a sincere and honest heart. This isn’t to say that you are not sincere and honest and this doesn’t go for all habits and actions, but some habits are formed from a structure which we are taught. This is not a bad thing! However, raising your awareness to what is conditioned and what is natural is where true inner contentment comes from.

This is where meditation comes in. Meditation is not about shutting off your thoughts and having a blank mind. Meditation is the practice of connecting back to your true “Nature-self”; that unconditioned, uninfluenced self which carries all truth, sincerity and honesty; by raising awareness and creating space between our thoughts for clearer action and understanding.

Correct Meditation

Meditation is about learning to see things as they truly are in the present moment.
“Situations don’t make you unhappy.” Says Mr Simon Lau, “They may cause you physical pain but they are not what make you unhappy. It is your thoughts which make you unhappy; your interpretations, the stories you tell yourself, are what make you unhappy.” And these are all habits of a conditioned mind.

Posture for Meditation

A correct posture is needed to create a more inspiring environment for meditation. “There is a connection between the posture of the body and the attitude of the mind”. Mind and body are interrelated, an inner energy arises naturally once your posture and attitude are inspired.

1) Sit on a chair with your legs relaxed and soles of your feet on the floor.
2) Keep your back naturally straight and relaxed and not leaning on the back of the chair.
3) Tuck your chin in slightly to remove all tension in the neck.

“It is your shoulders and upper part of your torso that carry the strength and grace of the posture, and they should be held in strong poise” says Mr Simon Lau, but again, with no tension. Rest your hands gently covering your knees.

“Be at ease with yourself and be comfortable with yourself. Bring the busy mind home to your heart. Whatever you see, whatever you hear or feel, leave it as it is, without grasping, without letting your attachment enter into the perception. This kind of practice is powerful. Try to introduce it with a very strong moral base. From that base, you can raise the awareness that experiences calm, clarity, sensitivity and an understanding about yourself and about your life.”

Posture for meditation

Breathing method: (deep breaths)

  1. When you breathe in eyes closed, focus on your head and take your time, when you breathe out, relax your head.
  2. Same with your temples
  3. Same with your neck
  4. Same with your shoulders
  5. Same with your upper arms
  6. Same with your fore-arms
  7. Same with your wrists
  8. Same with your hands
  9. Same with your fingers

When you have finished one cycle, focus on the tip of your middle finger for what you think is 1-2 minutes without actually timing it. No rush. Repeat this cycle 3 times and then open your eyes when you feel ready.

From my own experience, the art of meditation has brought me a lot closer to my Nature Self. Through the rise in awareness I have become able to pilot my own life and understand others with empathy, compassion and love. It has removed much uncertainty and confusion about life and leaves me feeling fulfilled.
This practice is one of purity and wisdom, where intellect is put into action.
It is a lifetime of practice, but one that will fulfil you more than any other, forever.

For more information and understanding on meditation, please contact me directly. It would be a true blessing to help you.

One love.


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