Mindfulness Eating


Mindful eating is a way of learning to raise your own awareness in the present moment. When you eat mindfully, you begin to not only appreciate food more, but notice different flavours and textures of foods, the way these foods make you feel mentally and physically, and you begin to become aware of how you react to them and how they affect your energy levels.

This is a skill which requires practice like anything we want to become good at. You won’t always remember to eat with such awareness every time, but with conscious attention and practice you can master this!

With mindful eating, you begin to pay attention to:

  • What you’re eating: where has the food come from? Is it organic? Processed?
  • Why you feel like eating, and whether it is really from hunger or due to an emotion or habit.
  • Your emotions and physical feelings before, during and after eating.
  • Whether the food you’re eating is nutritious or not.
  • The detail: the taste, smell, look and texture of the food you’re eating.
  • How hungry or full you are before, during and after eating.

Mindfulness Nutrition

The Benefits of Mindful Eating
Understandably, it is uncommon for someone to practice something religiously unless they firstly, have desire to do so, and secondly know the reasons or benefits for doing so. The benefits I have found of eating mindfully are incredible (and through your own experience you will also acquire more):

My found benefits:

  1. You learn to eat when you’re hungry and know the quantities which will make you sated, not stuffed.
  2. You learn and want to create new and better habits.
  3. You learn to keep your hunger controlled by eating nutritious foods to not let yourself feel so hungry that you will grab almost anything!
  4. Overeating in a social environment begins to become more controlled — you can practice mindful eating while socializing, and therefore not overeat, feeling good later on in the day.
  5. You learn to enjoy the taste of healthy food and how good it makes you feel.
  6. You begin to understand and tackle any emotional problems you might have with food and eating. This is a real turning point for us.
  7. Mindful eating will usually lead to weight loss if you’re overweight.
  8. When you are more aware and present, understand what you’re eating and quantities which work for you, you begin to enjoy eating more, and as a result enjoy life more.
  9. You begin to learn how to manage your weight a lot better
  10. It can become a sort of meditation or headspace experience that you can do daily.
  11. You learn what food best fuels YOU best.


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