My splendid sexy successful year!

Ok guys… so it is January 2018, festivities are now WELL behind us as we look forward to longer days, warmer weather and summer holidays.


For a lot of people this “new year, new you” business may be true, for others something that scares us slightly as it projects the idea of expectation.

I personally don’t like to expect too much because this can lead to disappointment, which should be avoided. But, only you are in charge of how much or how little you expect.

This year, swap expectations for GOALS.

Ask yourself what goals you have, and when you can reasonably achieve them by. Because after all, that is what life is about… isn’t it? About growing, learning and developing yourself in every walk of life.


What I tend to do is the following:

  • Think about your goals
  • Write them down
  • Put an achievable date next to each one
  • Make copies of it in your own style
  • Stick those copies on your wall/ fridge/ car window / cat (maybe not the cat)

Reminding yourself of these goals is incredibly important, and it works.


Why does this work?

This works because we all have moments where we come up with ideas or things we would like to achieve. And in the moment, you may feel like “wow, this is actually possible to do with the right execution”. But life gets in the way and we all get distracted.

These ideas we then thought were so possible then trickle down the list of priorities and we may or may not give up on them.

Having them written down and glancing over at them daily reminds us that they are there and perhaps not so far away after all. It enables us to have more confidence in the idea(s) and not let them sink so far down the priority list.

This can then become something really exciting, so make it happen!



  • NEVER worry if you have not hit the date assigned to the goal. Be rigid with your goals but flexible in your approach, life gets in the way sometimes and it’s important to focus on your successes and not a perception of failure
  • Have confidence in yourself
  • Get some perspective and ask for insight from others. It may be that your goals are unachievable without the knowledge or help of others. This is so common and something I find incredibly important in success and beautiful about life… Being able to share knowledge, wisdom and opinions with others. What a gift!

January can be a time of reflection upon one’s self and one’s life and don’t forget, is a time or cold dark winters in many countries… hence the term “The January Blues”.


But why look at it this way?!

Now can be a time of growth and prosperity. To find or master success and health, passion and LOVE. A time to really begin to trust your intuition and insight.

If you allow yourself to flow with the natural vibrations of the universe in your day to day life and at the same times have your goals organised, you will be surprised what personal and life transformations can happen. Big or small.

Always remember, in terms of success, happiness, love and all those positive things we desire; the energy you give out is what you get back. It works as vibrational frequencies which are emitted and bounced back to you like a mirror. What energy you emit is what you get back.

So together, let’s expand our giving energy flows and find true happiness.

Love to all,