Personal Training

My approach to nutrition and training is bespoke to you.

I specialize in physique training/ transformations and there is no greater pleasure than helping raise someone’s self-esteem. In my eyes, with greater confidence comes more opportunity, better relationships and most importantly a greater insight to compassion and happiness.

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I also focus on strength and agility training, as I believe these are what create an elite and strong human body, but with my background in dance and the knowledge I have generated I can train my clients for any desired goal. 

It was during my time in LA that the strong correlation between fitness, nutrition and happiness got stronger. My holistic approach to training allows me to express how these 3 things work in harmony.

My goal is simple: I want to teach you how to work as one with your body. Raising your bodily awareness by focusing on each movement that you make to create the mind-body connection.

Don’t practice until you
get it right, practice until you
can no longer get it wrong

Having a fitness goal is something that requires time, patience and above all dedication and commitment. I can vouch for myself due to training for the World Championships in bodybuilding. Dedication is everything.

This however is usually where people find it most difficult because their training regime and nutritional changes are not yet implemented into their daily habitual routine or the desire to create time for these is simply not there.

The following quote comes to mind here >

Champions are not made in the gym. Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them – a desire, a dream and a vision

This applies to any champion. YOU can be a champion and reach your goals, but you need the drive to do so. Like in any job, to get to the top you need to work.


“Pain is only temporary but victory is forever”

Work and hustle through the hard parts: getting started, changing bad habits and implementing them into your daily routine, to reach gold.

I will ensure that the training side of things is hard but enjoyable and mind strengthening from day 1.

I am a big believer in time-value. What we do with our time is very important because in a nutshell life is time and what we decide to do with that time can be a step forward to attaining something or not. That’s why I create value in every session I do. I make sure that not only WILL you achieve the results you desire but I will educate you according to your own unique mind and body.

Don't take my word for it...

  • “Aimee, got me on track after all these years!!  Exercise, Diet, Sleep Regime AND she has made it fun too!  Thank you so much!!”

  • “Aimee is a fantastic personal trainer. Pushed you hard.  Knows how to get the best out of you. Has an excellent knowledge around nutrition. If you want results then Aimee will get them. As long as you are willing to train hard.”

    Jae C
  • Aimee is a fantastic coach and truly inspirational. She is an athlete who embodies her passion and helps you to achieve your goals. Always happy to provide advice, may it be on nutrition, exercises or general lifestyle, she does so with a big smile on her face and a great mood

    Klaus Schmidt