The difference between habitual discipline and extreme discipline (2/2)

EXTREME DISCIPLINE (short-term discipline, can be long-term if you’re someone who can handle it!)


This refers to training and eating with extreme discipline for a sport such as a bodybuilding competition.


“As a champion bikini bodybuilder, I can say from first-hand experience, that this sort of discipline is not easy!”


It requires true dedication and focus on the task at hand – 24/7. There is no “cheat-meal” no little bit of this or that. 100% FOCUS. Because of this, this kind of discipline can be quite damaging for your mind and body due to the extreme conditions nutritionally and training wise for an extended period of time.

The reason I want to explain this is because all the insanely ripped people that we all see on social media will have learned this level of discipline, which is awesome and inspiring… but for most of these individuals, it is for a short-term goal like a show or competition. They are working bloody hard on it!

My point is so you guys reading this understand that if looking this way is your goal, then you will need to up your discipline game a lot. It will become a lifestyle and not something you can manage part time.

The simplest way to start this process to start with good habitual discipline and then allow extreme discipline to follow, it will be easier to handle once you’ve got your nutrition under control.

So guys – discipline in fitness and nutrition is never easy… and habitual discipline is something that has to be desired and practiced; but once you can practice changing certain habits mindfully, you will see how awesome and healthy your lifestyle can be!

Love to you all