The ultimate power in training: Mind and Body

If you’ve read my other blogs in this series about my approach to hypertrophy training – you’ll now that I believe it’s about changing your mind and body together as one entity.

When it comes to training, it’s about mental and physical stimulation:


Mental stimulation

When the mind and body connection is strong it’s a mental stimulation – the mind must be conscious of the body the whole time to provide it with what it needs. This is self-education and it’s unique to every individual. Mental stimulants don’t only exist on a conventional, intellectual level, they’re subconscious too.

The practice of connecting mind and body then increases cognitive capacity and is food for the mind.


Physical stimulation

The mental desire to take care of the body then leads to physical stimulation through movement and training. If the mind has a desire to take care of the body it will provide it with what it needs for optimum health: physical stimulation and nutrition.


Hypertrophy, physique sculpting and mental challenges

Once a physical stimulation has been desired by the mind and the mind-BODY connection created, we can then work on the mind-MUSCLE connection, which occurs when training for a desired physique goal. I do not think this connection is as important for any training other than hypertrophy (muscle sculpting) training because this type has specific goals and target outcomes.

Once you have established the mental desire for physical stimulation, my advice to you for physique sculpting goes as follows:


  1. I am determined
  2. I have passion
  3. I am motivated
  4. I will complete my mission by putting 100% focus into whatever I do.


Second, have your workout planned and your music ready. (Here is a Spotify playlist I use for my training!)


Finally, work on establishing the mind-muscle connection during training. When lifting weights, go slow, with conviction and confidence. Close your eyes if need be and feel the muscle work in full range, from top to bottom.

Visualise the muscle contract in your mind.

Don’t rush.

You are an artist, a sculptor.

An artist never rushes when working on a sculpture, so you do not need to rush either. Quality… always.

Lastly, be patient, consistent and most importantly, passionate about your goal.


Many of the people I work with to achieve their goals are learning the ability to look after their own bodies and minds. When something becomes habit, it becomes behaviour – and that is the long-term goal of hypertrophy and physique sculpting.


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